We made a video about Lebanon.


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As part of the @artistfundraiser4beirut, LIFTA joined artists around the world in a 24-hour live stream fundraiser for organizations involved in immediate relief efforts in Lebanon. We created a multimedia video featuring those on the ground and in the Diaspora, sharing mini portraits of the revolution and the aftermath of the explosion in Beirut. Paired with the video is a resource doc, which you can follow to find credits, trusted donation pages, and expanded learning materials related to vulnerable + disproportionately impacted communities (refugees, migrant domestic workers, LGBTQ+, etc.), the economic crisis, colonialism and Lebanon's government, rebuilding efforts, and more. You can find the video and resource doc by clicking here! We recommend watching the video on full screen at the highest playing quality with captions on. If watching from your phone, please turn the screen and keep volume on high.

It's important to note that before the explosion, people in Lebanon were already protesting for the downfall of its corrupt political elite, while at the crossroads of an economic crisis (the Lebanese pound lost 86% of its value in one year + half of the population is living in poverty), a famine (food prices have risen 55%),* a refugee crisis (Lebanon hosts 1.7 million Palestinian and Syrian refugees who are treated subordinate), and migrant domestic workers crisis (victims of the neo-slavery kafala system experiencing unpaid labor, illegal evictions and abandonment from employers and embassies).

Coupled with the preexisting circumstances, migrant domestic workers (MDW) in Lebanon are disproportionately affected by the August 4th explosion. Lebanon hosts an estimated 250,000 MDW from African and Asian countries who are bound to their employer by the kafala system, an exploitive migration sponsorship system that allows the employer full control of its employees' entrance and exit of Lebanon, as well as transferring employment.
This employment framework creates a dangerous working culture that leads to passport confiscation, long working hours, psychological + physical + sexual abuse, restrictions on communication, food deprivation, and more. There are still a number of MDW who have been missing since August 4th.

There are several trusted organizations working directly with MDW on the ground who we encourage you to follow, share, and donate to if you have the means. Egna Legna Besidet (@egnalegna) is an Ethiopian-domestic-worker-run organization that assists domestic workers and helps them to leave dangerous situations. They are fundraising for immediate relief including 'medical aid, food, shelter, and clothing for domestic workers of all nationalities'. This is Lebanon (@thisislebanon961) is a project working towards abolishing the kafala system that is fundraising for the expatriation of MDW who have been abandoned by their embassies and employers. Lovette Jallow (@action4humanity_se) is helping MDW on the ground with shelter, food, and repatriation (we HIGHLY recommend watching her recent highlight Kafala/Lebanon). Anti-Racism Movement (@armlebanon) runs three migrant community centers across the country and is accepting general donations as well as repatriation-specific donations at the link in their bio.

We'd like to thank everyone involved in helping us put together the video, as well as the organizers of @artistfundraiser4beirut

*The statistics of this paragraph were sourced from @theslowfactory