Vol. 1

From our quarantine to yours:

In an effort to keep our community connected at this time, the LIFTA team is happy to announce that we’ll be slowly rolling out content from our book LIFTA: Future Palestine. Over the next couple of months, we’ll be sharing a new piece to our website each week and announcing it on our Instagram. Shared pieces from the book will live on our website for just a week before being rotated out.

LIFTA: Future Palestine, is a book of imaginative works, focused on futurisms and (im)possibilities set in Palestine, both geographical and imaginary. During this time, when people from across the world are challenged to analyse, prepare and respond to this new global shift, this new global future, we hope that the works we share can inspire and entertain.


Awda Birthright was founded May 14, 2199 through the generous support of many remarkable organizations, as well as thousands of individual donors from around the world.

Today, we're proud to be the largest organization in the world providing all-expenses-paid trips to Palestine for young adults of Canaanite descent. In nearly 60 years of existence, we’ve supported over 240,000 descendants to make Awda (العودة).

Historically, it has not always been the case that those of Canaanite descent could return to what is now modern-day Palestine. Indeed, the United Fertile Crescent was only formally founded 57 years ago. Through rapid growth and a united Aquarian vision of reconciliation, collaboration and adaptation, our young nation has created — and put into action — a blueprint for a collective rebirth.

We are honored to be a part of that rebirth, and invite you to join us.

*Promotional photo by Hamody Gannam
*Graphics by LIFTA


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Our website and related materials are an experiential digital installation of Visionary Fiction*. Awda Birthright is a fictional organization, nearly 200 years into the future of what you would call “linear time”. Awda Birthright is the result of one of an infinite number of possible timestreams; an imagining of a particular future of transformative justice, reconciliation, collaboration and a transmutation of what we collectively view as “reality” today.

Awda Birthright is evolving into a collaborative project that transcends time and space. If you would like to be involved and submit your work for Awda Birthright, please email us at alia@awdabirthright.org. We would love to have you on board our spaceship.

Learn more at www.awdabirthright.org

*Visionary Fiction, a term cited by adrienne maree brown in her 2017 book Emergent Strategy, "includes sci fi, speculative fiction, fantasy, magical realism, myth, all of it. In addition to this intentional genrecide, visionary fiction intentionally explores how change happens from the bottom up, how change works in collective ways… And visionary fiction is hard, and realistic, and hopeful. It’s neither utopian nor dystopian, it’s more like life.”